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Where ideas buzz around like busy bees but leave no sting behind

Since ancient times, people have marveled at the architecture and achievements of honey bees. Bees have been around for an astonishing 130 million years, even outliving dinosaurs. Honey bees are social and efficient pollinators helping flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow. Studies have shown that they pollinate 1/3rd of the world’s crops, and if they become extinct so does humankind.

Honeybees inspire many of the guiding principles we use to achieve success for our clients

• Bees work tirelessly to collect nectar and produce honey. Their hardworking and productive nature is so well-known it gave rise to the idiom ‘as busy as a bee’.

• At Hyper-Botz, we have a team of qualified ‘busy bees’ with exceeding level of work ethics that diligently work on our client assignments to maximize your business benefits.

Efficient and Systematic:

• Bees have found the most efficient way to use minimal wax and store maximum honey by building hexagonal honeycombs, the most efficient structure to maximize volume per surface area.

• At the same time, as the need arises, they can change the direction of the comb, winding it to fit irregular spaces, around obstructions, etc. They have the capacity to improvise as needed, and to create novel and unexpected shapes and solutions. They do not work mechanistically and blindly, but adjust themselves, as needed.

• Bees are also self-sufficient, creating this structure using beeswax, which they produce in their own bodies.

 • Our software bots are equally cost-efficient, performing all your business processes.

 • While we have blueprints to accelerate your digital transformation and automation programs, and to rapidly and efficiently deliver maximum business value,
we have the necessary agility and responsiveness to unanticipated variabilities and complications, and the ability to adapt and continue on to the path to success.

Well-managed and Teamwork:

• Each member of the beehive has a well-defined role (Workers, Drones and Queen) to perform and they possess the necessary expertise to perform their role on the team effectively.

• The worker bees have different responsibilities within the hive - some are scouts, some are guards, some care for the queen, and some produce honey.

• Our team members commit fully to their roles, achieving expertise through specialization. They take ownership of their tasks and maintain organization through a structured hierarchy.

With well-managed processes, exceptional team work, and outstanding determination, team members maximize the value-delivery for our clients.

Communication and Transparency:
• When bees find a good source of nectar, they share this information with everyone in the hive right away, providing the exact location of the flower patch by ‘talking’ through specific dance moves. Similarly, they share information about any danger, and many other topics with each other through complex, timely communication. Collectively, they make robust decisions through some profound democratic debates, for example, deciding future hive sites, or directing worker bees to produce more honey.

• Our teams work on similar principles of communication using timely, open, candid, constructive and collaborative communication, and by sharing best practices, retrospections and feedbacks. We believe in complete transparency so that everyone can contribute most effectively in our diverse and inclusive ecosystem. We cultivate the hive mind (collective intelligence and information-based decision-making) to overcome blind and biased group-thinking!

Bees demonstrate great cognitive ability. Bee colonies follow the laws and exists as one superorganism. Based on how bees operate, scientists have developed an “Artificial Bee Colony” (ABC) algorithm that looks for the best possible solution after evaluating many different options. The ABC algorithm has helped us solve many real-world problems such as finding optimal position of solar panels, finding ideal reentry trajectory of hypersonic vehicles, and even determining optimum path for robots on Mars!

We want our software bots to be equally cognitive so that they perform your repetitive manual tasks admirably, and automate your processes end-to-end that results in increased Straight Through Processing (STP).

So, contact us to find out why some of our clients call us the bee’s knees!


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