Hyper-automation in Manufacturing Industry

• Make business processes lean by eliminating process and workflow waste.

• Remove the scope for human error and improve compliance in back-office procedures.

• Build robust and intelligent supply chain processes, such as onboarding new vendors, and make them more agile.

• Deploy smart bots for quicker process execution and increased go-to-market speed.

• Process loT data and examine information instantly across systems.

• Drive customer loyalty with real-time data, improve support, and enhance post-sale customer experiences.


Use Cases

Compliance Governance

Planners simply apply filters in SAP to design relevant reports. The digital workers (RPA Bots) pick up the report from there in SAP, apply logic, and email the recipient with the requested data.

Manufacturing Operations Management

RPA bot automatically reflects the amendments on the Client’s system and alerts the procurement managers to take appropriate action. The RPA bot connects Client PO system, external supplier systems, our back-end database, and other PO systems.
RPA bot automatically downloads all invoices according to suppliers’ instructions, processes them, and notifies the suppliers via email. It also sends different payment amounts to suppliers using different bank accounts, with current currency balances.

Order Booking

Bots are implemented for:

 Auto Validation: 
   To validate the data against PO data and vendor master
   To validate non-PO invoices by putting them in the workflow and checking for approval
   To validate non-PO invoices by putting them in the workflow and checking for approval

 Auto Invoice Posting: 
   To post the data for different invoices into Oracle ERP and generate a unique reference number, which is captured by Bot and brought back to the
   system to signify successful posting and cycle completion

 Auto Auditing: 
   To check the payment run report
   To run required validations on all invoices
   To send a report to the business owner that audit is done, everything is in order, and payment can be released

Procurement Process

The RPA bot runs daily, and performs a series of steps listed below:
• Bot downloads an excel file comprising of procurement details from e-mail attachment
• Bot reads the required details and performs various business validations on the data provided in the file. In case of any validation failure, bot provides details of the failures to the user through email.
• Bot logs into the client’s ERP systems and input relevant data in an ERP system from the input file.
• Bot creates purchase orders and shares the document number with user notification. In case of any issues with ERP system, bot sends error report to user.

Inventory Management

RPA bot runs once a week, and performs a series of steps listed below:
• Bot reads the emails and notifications received from the demand planners.
• It reads specific information and updates the safety stock details in the ERP.
• Bot notifies all users and demand planners regarding the completion status.

Freight and logistics

RPA bot runs ‘on demand’, and performs a series of steps listed below:
• Triggered based on an incoming email from the customer representative, bot scans the shipped delivery numbers of the consignments that are missing required info for freight forwarder.
• Bot fetches product category data from a SharePoint system using those delivery numbers
• Using this product data, bot extracts data from the ERP system, applies business rules, and prepares information for freight forwarder, using template provided by freight forwarder based on their local customs laws.
• Bot sends a copy of this information to customer rep and freight forwarder.

Vendor Set up

RPA bot runs daily, and performs a series of steps listed below:
• Bot reads the emails sent by the e-commerce team to the material planning team.
• By processing the information available in email, bot sets up supplier EDI location and translator codes.
• Finally, bot notifies the supplier, e-commerce, material planner, and the sourcing teams of the completion of this supplier set up process.


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