Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Do you/your staff spend a lot of time on manual, repetitive tasks such as:

•   Entering information into a form, a sheet, or a system

•   Compiling data for reporting (by doing copy/paste)

•   Extracting data from websites, applications or documents

•   Opening emails, checking attachments, and responding to emails

•   Reconciling information from different documents or applications

•   Doing calculations, checking for errors or anomaly

•   Merging or moving files and folders

•   Processing transactions by following standard procedures and rules

Any other similar tedious tasks…

Using Low-code, No-code, Intelligent Process Automation technology, we will automate your process for you, irrespective of:

    • Your industry      • Your function      • Your systems      • Your process      • Your procedures

Automation will be done…

• Faster and economical   • With no invasive IT systems changes   • With minimal process changes and training   • With no disruption

Benefits include:

  • • Productivity boost
  • • Improved Accuracy
  • • Reusability
  • • Cost Savings
  • • Profit Maximization
  • • Staffing Elasticity / Flexibility
  • • Reduced Risks
  • • Better Audit trail
  • • 100% Compliance
  • • Greater Reliability
  • • Extended operations

(Timing, location, languages)

  • • Improved Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • • Ubiquity
  • • Revenue Growth
  • • Engaged Employees
  • • Improved Retention
  • • Greater Creativity and Problem-solving
  • • Reduced burn-out, attrition and loss of knowledge
  • • Consistency

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How Hyper-Botz Can Help You

With increasing digitization, it is necessary that your business can unlock as many opportunities for automation as possible. At Hyper-botz, we understand this and strive to identify and automate all possible business processes with RPA and Al technologies.

We will enable departments across your organization to participate in the automation process in a seamless manner. Our experts will prepare your organization for hyper-automation by deploying AI-based technologies that enable people and bots to automate processes cohesively. We will get you started and manage the complete automation cycle – from uncovering opportunities for automation to measuring the ROI.

As a business, you will be able to take advantage of our technologies and skills to do more with less, and gauge the true impact of automation on your organization. Through our intelligent automation solutions and services, your organization will be able to integrate advanced and intelligent technologies with not only your processes, but also legacy systems.

Stakeholders stand to enjoy seamless access to data, while communicating with your organization in a hassle-free manner. With our help, your organization will be able to use automation technologies to augment its bottom line and lower costs.


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