Hyper-automation in Insurance Industry

• Improve productivity and restructure insurance operations by automating repetitive manual processes, thereby bringing down costs.

• Automate claims and documenting processing to accelerate these tasks, while also enhancing accuracy.

• Streamline access to internal and external data sources to improve product development, augment risk analysis, and supplement underwriting.

• Complete customer requests in a timely manner, while providing them with real-time access to their data to enrich customer experiences.

• Improve the rate of policyholder retention by actively offering products and services that suit their needs.

• Empower your workforce by enabling them to perform value-adding tasks rather than repetitive ones.


Use Cases

  • • Vehicle Insurance Application Process
  • • Voice Bot for Vehicle Insurance Claim Registration
  • • Chatbot for Accident Notification and Claim Status
  • • Vehicle Insurance Claim Workflow Automation
  • • Voice Bot for Vehicle Insurance Claim Registration
  • • Homeowner Insurance Application and Underwriting
  • • Insurance Document Classification and Data Extraction
  • • Others as below

Description Summary
Automated Clearance Process Create a process where an Agent submits a Commercial Lines Application and the system automatically "clears" the submission, rates and routes to the UW manual intervention
UW Evaluation and Documentation Automated process for documentation of UW Decision
Inspection Report retrieval system eval Audit Reports, Inspection Reports come from outside vendors. Need a tool that will evaluate the data and provide an overall summary to the UW So they can take appropriate action
Dashboard Data Analytics displayed in Graph and Detail format for user to view and dive into deeper if needed
Retrieve Insured Info and display in UW Summary UW must ask many questions of the agent in order to get a feel for the operations of the insured. These questions can be automated and responses provided to the UW in "Summary" sheet by Industry Type. List of questions by Industry Type already saved to Teams / Insurance Folder. Need to build on the calls and Data Retrieval as well as how to display to the user.
Telematics Personal Lines Insurance Carriers gather information about driving history during the first 30 days of policy issuance. This data is accessible and should be available for an UW to review at the time of quote. It will see the Driver history for the prior 5 and put it into a Summary for the UW to review
Chat Bot years Allow user interaction through Mobile Phone
Location prefill Take schedules of locations in .pdf, excel or word format and autopopulate into PAS SO the user doesn't need to manually type in the data
Automobile Schedule Prefill Take schedules of automobiles in .pdf, excel or word format and autopopulate into PAS So the user doesn't need to manually type in the data
MVR Prefill Take schedules of drivers in .pdf, excel or word format and autopopulate into PAS SO the user doesn't need to manually type in the data. Call to Lexis Nexis automatically and retrieve Driver profiles
Endorsement Automation Receive email request from Agent to process endorsement. System will read .pdf and rate the endorsement without user having to manually enter the changes. User can review prior to issuance
Weather Dashboard view of Weather related hurricanes, tornados, weather related losses for the book of business of the Insurance Carrier. Show areas where their book of business has been impacted the most.


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