Hyper-automation in Healthcare Industry

• Automate the monitoring of the various applicable quality standards and protocols with the help of intelligent bots, thereby providing better-quality care.

• Deploy bots to stay compliant and keep your records updated with accurate information.

• Engage healthcare workers in value-adding activities that augment patient care rather than perform repetitive tasks, thereby boosting their morale.

• Automate healthcare processes for higher output, greater efficiency, and minimal errors.

• Boost patient experiences by enabling more virtual and face-to-face patient meetings.

• Use bots to extract data and interact with systems to achieve interoperability in a safe and secure manner.

• Integrate systems, be it operations or drug discovery, to enable scalable capacity on demand.

• Enhance accuracy and quality while reducing expenses and risks related to complaint handling, pharmacovigilance, and adverse events.

• Deploy bots to manage volume fluctuations and ensure the consistent supply of drugs and medical supplies. Agile supply chains boost business continuity.

• Boost clinical trials, ensure regulatory updates, and accelerate documentation and reporting.

• Empower your lab personnel to focus on innovation rather on manual tasks.

The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Process (RCM) Automation

If medical professionals are the brain of healthcare providers, the revenue cycle management (RCM) department is the heart of any hospital or health system, pumping ‘operating cash flow’ through the system to keep it functioning.

Just like the complexity of our heart, RCM function is complex as it involves all the activities that lead to payment for services provided, from patient registration and eligibility verification, to claim submission and receivables, and hence involves interactions with patients, insurance companies, and government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid.

As one health system leader and former HFMA Chair described, “Efficient, effective revenue cycle management [is] key to our survival. It also directly impacts our ability to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities.”

In our experience, RCM leaders and staff almost always deals the following challenges:

• Staff and Knowledge Attrition   • Quality and SLA Issues   • Volume Fluctuation   • Inefficiencies & Backlog   • Revenue Leakage

To help resolve these issues, we have successfully automated most of the RCM processes of many hospital and health systems, irrespective of their policies, procedures, EHR systems or payors.

  • • Patient Scheduling
  • • Pre-registration
  • • Insurance Verification
  • • Authorization
  • • Price Estimation
  • • Patient Arrival and Check-in
  • • Customer Service and Billing
  • • Charge Entry and Submission
  • • Self-pay Collection
  • • Third Party Follow-up
  • • Denial Processing
  • • Remittance Processing
  • • Payer Payment Analysis
  • • RCM Performance Reporting and Analysis
(Source: By Jennifer Williams,

Other Use Cases

Pharmacy Chatbot for Prescription Submission, Status and Refill.

Demand Forecasting for equipment rental.

Early Disease prediction.

Case Escalation prediction.

Customer Testimonials:

“Most recently we have stood up a new line of service (PCR lab for COVID testing) that comes with a 40% increase in our charge volume. Without Hyper-Botz, we would not have been able to begin to process those claims. Having a partner like Hyper-Botz has made the impossible possible…”
– Director of RCM, Large Healthcare Provider

“Hyper-Botz and the Robotic project has brought positive impact in our Claims process including Increased revenue, Increased productivity and 100% accuracy. The staff is very efficient, great knowledge in healthcare field, and we had a very easy implementation process.”
– VP Operations, Large Health system

“It was great to see that your team brought tremendous experience of the US Healthcare market and eco-system, and quickly learnt the nuances of our operations, to effectively improve and automate our processes. It is refreshing to see that your company has built automations in this area to improve accuracy, patient experience and cost efficiency.”
– CEO, Large Hospital network


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